Agent Shield Header Code using API key from Lely Resort
Agent Shield Links
2.1 – Hide Elements – Most Used Use this to hide specific elements of the site. Any area where there is information such as a link or image that would cause one of the certification rules to be broken may be something one would want to use this tag for.
… your code you want to hide…
2.2 – Show Referring Agent’s Name – Most Used When there is contact information for the on-site sales team, use this tag to hide the existing content and display the referring agent’s name instead.
…Existing contact info or nothing at all if just inserting…
2.3 – Insert Contact Form – Most Used This tag can be placed around an existing contact form on the site. This code will replace the existing form with an NCH contact form in which the referring agent directly receives the submission. This fields in this form include: First Name Last Name Phone Number Email Address Message
..code for your existing contact form….
2.4 – Swap Images This tag can be used to switch an image which may contain contact information with another that does not. “REPLACE_WITH_URL_OF_IMAGE” would be replaced with the name of the actual image you would like to use to replace.
…image you want to swap…
2.5 – Restrict Links This tag can be used to restrict (deactivate) links but will leave the image. This is typically used on footers where a logo may be present. 2.6 – Show Element This tag is used to display elements that should only be shown when coming from an Agent Tracker Link. For Examples, if you would like to add a message for the visitor when Agent Tracker is active.